The Superhuman Protocol

This nourishing combination of treatments will address multiple levels of healing; stimulate lymph, bring pain level and inflammation down and soothe the emotional body. Spending three concentrated hours is the way to go for the stimulation of deep healing.
Schedule 3 hours   •   Package price: $175.00 (plus tax)

Step 1: You will begin with 12 minutes of Zaaz Whole Body Vibration Therapy.

Step 2: The second treatment will be facilitated on a Far-Infrared Mat. While laying down on the Mat, you will be receiving a powerful stream of pure photonic light from our Class IV Medical Laser. This Laser can target problematic areas in the body while increasing ATP production. This step lasts approximately 35 minutes.

Step 3: The third treatment is PEMF (Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field). This leading-edge technology uses electromagnetic pulses to help restore blocked ion fields and stimulate the body’s own regenerative process.

Step 4: The fourth treatment is 20 minutes in our TheraLight Red Light Bed. This technology has multiple dramatic benefits.

Step 5: The final treatment is 50-60 minutes in the Life Vessel. This is a chamber that utilizes the frequencies of light, sound, and vibration to balance the Autonomic Nervous System while stimulating a detoxifying effect on the physical and emotional body.

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