Zaaz Whole Body Vibration Plate

reduces inflammation  •  opens the lymphatic system  •  increases bone density

A few minutes on our Zaaz Vibration Plate can reduce inflammation, and improve circulation, immunity, bone density, muscle tone and metabolic rate.

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What it Is

ZAAZ Oscillation Vibration (OV) Technology is the most gentle and advanced form of whole body vibration, with the highest range of benefits. ZAAZ machines work by creating alternating movement from left to right over a central point (a plate you stand on) that can be visualized as mimicking a see-saw or wave-like motion that delivers a high concentration of movement in the body. This activates the left and right hemispheres of the brain, creating patterning and synchronizing with the cerebellum. With each movement, your muscles respond automatically by rebalancing you on the plate. This occurs by engaging and disengaging, or contracting and relaxing the muscle by reflex. The movement of ZAAZing also forces the body to work twice as hard against its own gravitational pull, strengthening muscles in the process, resulting in toning and firming and assistance with weight loss.

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