Lifestyle Cleanse with our Integrative Health Coach

The Lifestyle cleanse is the beginning of long-lasting change. If you are ready to explore concerns specific to you and your body with a dedicated coach, you will acquire the tools and knowledge that contribute to a lifetime of greater balance.
Schedule 70 minutes   •   Package price: $65.00 (plus tax)

This experience includes your personal coach and a wellness plan tailored to your unique needs. It provides nutritional guidance, support, and accountability to make lifestyle changes that lead to sustainable wellness. A process that embraces and enhances body, mind, and soul.

Consult includes a choice of 30 min in Far Infrared Sauna, Zaaz/iMRS combined, or the Red Light Bed.

This is a very valuable addition to all of our services for those people who are ready and serious about achieving optimal health and wellbeing.

Santa Fe Wellness Retreat

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