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Denice Sherwin – Owner of Lightvessel in Santa Fe, NM
This Wellness Facility is dedicated to a full spectrum wellness experience, merging the science of spirituality, the power of frequency medicine, total body cleansing and emotional clearing and re-patterning. Treatments include traditional healing modalities such as massage and yoga, however the focus of the center is based on ancient knowledge, quantum healing and common sense. The center also offers the nutritional component to wellness with the Love Yourself Café, which offers only gluten free food, organic and herbal elixirs custom designed for the next level of wellness. There is also a bio-dynamic and organic farm that is part of the “off property” Retreat Center which offers private and comprehensive wellness programs.

I started on a path towards the wellness world when my first child was born. I began to question how things were done and why, largely because of her. I plunged into the world of healing when my heath was compromised from heavy metal poisoning. In my despair and discomfort I began to search for solutions while housing feelings of desperation. To my great surprise, I discovered something that I was not consciously expecting to find. It was the world of energy. The power of light, sound, and vibration and the reality that this is who and what we are.

I was first introduced to this world of energy in 2005 in Cottonwood Arizona, where I went to seek relief from the metal contamination in my body by getting into a box called a Life Vessel. Frankly, I was not expecting much, mainly because the traditional efforts of western medicine had proven to be quite impotent in helping me, and now I was reduced to traveling to another state to lie down in a chamber and have 4 one- hour sessions. What surprised me from this rather innocent looking wooden box, which contained some pretty lights and notable vibration, was the reaction from my body. I had a very strong detoxification response that I could not intellectually understand.

The story is too long to share here, however I will give you the “cliff notes” that led to changing the course of my life and provoking my destiny. I began getting heavy metal testing from an MD to ascertain the exact levels of my mercury and lead poisoning. This test provided a graph depicting the severity of the exposure. My levels were at the end of the maximum scale mark when I began. These tests were conducted and supervised by the MD and involved 6-hour provoked urine tests with EDTA.

Since I had made the decision to continue with this chamber to eliminate this serious toxic load, I wanted proof of what this seemingly innocent box could actually do.

The experiential proof occurred after 2 series in this box. A series is 4 one-hour sessions 21 days apart. The first evidence of these treatments was that my brain turned back on. My distressed physical state was discernably improved. Long story made much shorter, my final lab test revealed a reduction of both mercury and lead to well below minimum range. However what was far more important to me was that I began to feel well again, and I wanted the rest of the world to feel well also!

The results of this technology were the birth of the Life Vessel Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2006. I invited an MD and a DC to come on board and take the journey into the world of Light with me, and to protect the people who would be coming to use this technology until I could understand and have confidence in what this “Life Vessel” was actually doing and how safe it was.

I was compelled to take a trip to Russia before we opened the center to receive some training on a camera that could show the actual energy in the body, and could pinpoint the location of imbalance in the physical body by taking a 12-volt photo from the pads of the fingertips.

As impressive as this Camera was, what it really did for me was to show me the mind-body connection and what we are really made of.
It helped me see how emotional health is reflected in the physical body. It showed me the effects of emotional depletion and its consequences.
Everything changed, especially me. I felt the birth of a deep desire to find and co-create an operations manual for these energy bodies we are all made of.

This energy world was not entirely new to me, due to my initiation into TM at age 18 and later I did my Siddhis Program in my 40’s. Studying sutras for gravitational release was part of my life, largely due to a very evolved brother who was the reason for my participation into the world of meditation initially.

However the world of meditation also introduced me to the Vedas and the Rigved re-written around 3400 BC.

Everything in my life began to take on a synchronicity that was un-mistakable. I began to see evidence appearing in my day-to-day life of something I had always hoped to find. I wanted to find a deeper experience of God. A mind, an intelligence, a purpose, and a reason to explain who we are and why we are here.

As the divinely directed journey expanded, I began to realize connections between ancient teaching’s and their relationship to current science. These contributions to my evolving operations manual rapidly became the driving passion of my life, aside from my beautiful family.

I began the over zealous, even a bit manic search for more understanding and connection of the dots of consciousness and truth that I was beginning to see all around me.

From Nobel Prize winning scientists to the new revelations coming from quantum physics and their relationship to spirituality began merging beautifully into the quickly forming puzzle pieces of my quest.

I now know, that my desire and need to understand this world, had long been underway by others from many different backgrounds, countries, skill sets and perceptions.

Through decades of searching, I am now clear that there are time-tested truths that can serve humanity is profound ways. Since we are made of atoms, there is no doubt that we are energy systems first, and as energy systems, we can learn how to master this experience through deliberate thought and feeling. We can use our minds, our thoughts, to generate the feelings that sustain heath, create wealth, and pulse healing vibrations into the quantum field and affect the change so needed on this planet now, previously referred to as prayer. We were made to love one another. We were designed with limitless power and potential. We come from a mind of such brilliance and love for us, that we really cannot fail. We are creators… God’s in embryo truly.

About nine thousand years ago in ancient Persia, the prophet Zarathustra revealed to the world dynamic laws of Nature, of Creation itself. With specific reference to light and sound and magnetism, the different frequencies and the vital role they play in Creation.

We have had the knowledge necessary to master this energy classroom since time began. I see a day when we all realize the truth of who we are and become it.

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