The Optimal Detox Experience

Our most efficient cleansing combination. Clients usually feel healthier and lighter when done. A great way to jumpstart any new meal plan or integrative nutrition program.
Schedule 2.5 hours   •   Package price: $150.00 (plus tax)

Step 1: The treatment begins with 8 minutes on our IMRS 2000 PEMF mat. The Program will be customized to your body’s needs.

Step 2: Next will be Zaaz “whole body” vibration therapy. There are many benefits from this process such as improved strength, increases blood flow, reduction in percentage of fat, helps improve motor skills in Parkinson’s disease, reduces lymph edema by improving circulation to lymphatic system, thereby helping remove waste and bacteria from the system.

Step 3: Next, will be 30 minutes in our far-infrared sauna or laying down on our far-infrared mat providing pain relief, detoxification of heavy metals, reduce stress, and increase circulation and metabolism.

Step 4: The treatment finishes with a Libbe open system hydro-colon therapy session. This type of colonic is very gentle and is more comfortable and private than conventional closed systems.

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