Life Vessel Series

detoxifies  •  balances the autonomic nervous system  •  deeply relaxes the body

This FDA cleared, Class II medical device uses vibration, sound, and light to support the body’s innate ability to purify and heal.

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What it Is

The Life Vessel™ is a leading edge technology that helps balance your autonomic nervous system. This in turn has a positive effect on all the other systems in the body.


  • Deeply relaxes the body
  • Removes stress
  • Allows the autonomic nervous system to come into balance
  • Balances the body’s bio-energy field
  • Helps with detoxification
  • Assists with pain management
  • Results in greater wellness and a healthier, happier you

Inventor Barry McNew introduces the Life Vessel

Dr. Christine Horner talks about the Life Vessel

What People are Saying

  • After completing two series in the Life Vessel (with more to come), I can say in all honesty I’m not the person I was before. The combination of sound, light, and vibration, coupled with the intention you take in (which you formulate using biofeedback), places you in a space unlike any other and supports you as you work through your own life issues. The first time, I released a traumatic experience from decades ago; the second, I had a gentle face-off with unnecessary patterns of behavior and left them behind. I encourage everyone I know to go to the Light Vessel for healing, peace, and help. It’s a blessing beyond description that we have it here in New Mexico. — J.M., Albuquerque
  • A few years ago, I began having problems walking and I was experiencing many migraines. After numerous tests, I was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in my motor strip. I received three different recommendations for treatment which included everything from a full craniotomy to “come back when you cannot walk at all”! My journey continued with different healers and still my condition worsened. Then I was told about the Life Vessel and after a month long migraine I began treatment. During the first treatment I noticed a difference. By the time the treatment was over, the migraine was gone!! This made a believer out of me! I was astonished to find such an enjoyable treatment that made an immediate impact on my pain. Up to this point, nothing had worked this well. Now, after many treatments, I have had another MRI and I was not surprised to find the tumor was getting smaller because I was feeling so good and my walking is improving to where I do not need a cane anymore!!! The Life Vessel has given me a chance to live a happy pain free life again! — C.T., Santa Fe
  • Thank you for being a light at the end of the tunnel. I went from the worst pain of my entire Life, hunched and wheelchair bound, to swaying my hips and being pain free! — A.S.
  • The Life Vessel has profoundly shifted my physical, emotional and spiritual reality. I have accessed, viewed, and cleared my personal and genetic stories that were holding me back. I feel more vigorous and alive than ever before. I skied at a higher level than I had before just 3 days after my treatment. My sleep is deep and restful. My son, after 2 sessions , said ‘Mom, you look like a different person!’ He didn’t know I’d been doing anything new. — E.D.
  • I began suffering from panic attacks in 2001, the year after I finished college. The first time it happened I could not get my heart rate to go down for a month. I would wake up every night trying to breathe, pace around outside to get my body temperature down, cry, call my family, call the nurse! I felt like I was drowning above water. At one point I went to the ER to get a breathing treatment which did not work. That’s when I got diagnosed with anxiety. Exercise, sleep, supplements, pharmaceuticals, and diet were my way of controlling these horrible attacks. I lived in fear a panic attack coming on. When my husband got very ill, the attacks began to get out of control preventing me from working at my teaching job. I had to take sedatives that made me feel like a robot. The threat of another attack was constant. Then I was introduced to the Life Vessel. At first, I was a little reluctant to get into this closed chamber. I didn’t think anything could help me because my attacks were so awful. Then the miracle happened for me. After the second session, I began to notice a HUGE difference. After several Life Vessel sessions, I am still amazed and happy to say that I have not had ONE major or even minor panic attack in over 5 years. It continues to be the hugest, most unexpected miracle in my life. Thank you God for the Life Vessel. — R.D., Santa Fe

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