All You Need to Know About Thai Foot Reflexology

All You Need to Know About Thai Foot Reflexology

As per acupuncture theory, the human foot has as much as 7,000 sensory nerve endings.  These nerve endings are connected to the body’s internal organs. Thai foot reflexology works on the belief that certain zones of the foot correspond to these organs. It focuses on the reflex areas in these zones to bring a range of health benefits.

This centuries-old reputed technique involves applying gentle pressure on each foot using a combination of the entire hand, fingers, and thumb. It not only provides a relaxing, rejuvenating experience but also heals the mind and body.

You might wondering precisely how it works and what its benefits are. This post covers these topics and more.

How It Works

Focusing on the lower legs and feet, a typical session includes gentle, rhythmic movements and stretching. There are 10 major energy lines running throughout our body. These create specific pressure points in the foot that can be effectively stimulated.

The entire body and all its internal organs can be mapped by skillfully manipulating these pressure points, especially in the soles of the feet. This is how Thai foot reflexology massage enhances the body’s natural healthy balance.

The Benefits

  • Improved Blood Circulation

Many of us lead a sedentary lifestyle which means that we don’t get to exercise our feet muscles as much as we’d like. This, unfortunately, impedes blood flow. Thai foot reflexology promotes the flow of oxygen throughout the body and improves overall health.

  • Relaxed Sleep

If you have trouble sleeping, a great way to naturally alleviate the problem is to book a session for Thai foot reflexology.  Since the ideal time to conduct a foot massage is before you go to bed, this kind of soothing foot massage helps to improve circulation and gives you better sleep.

  • Enhanced Mood

Foot reflexology alleviates the symptoms of depression, rapid mood swings, and other mental health concerns. Massaging certain parts of the foot or strategically applying pressure to them can greatly help in bringing relief. This also helps keep you relaxed and with feelings of general wellbeing.

Light Vessel Santa Fe is a leading wellness center and health spa offering Thai foot reflexology. From detoxifying the body to relieving stress and tension, there are many ways you can benefit from Thai foot reflexology.  The range of health benefits offered include greater balance to the body and an enhanced Autonomous Nervous System (ANS).

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