FasciaBlaster™ Body Treatment

reduces cellulite  •  decreases systemic inflammation  •  increases collagen production

Fascia blasting is done with a special wand that is rolled along the skin. The resulting myofascial release stimulates blood flow and promotes healing.

50 Minutes: $129.00

What it Is

Fascia is the sheath of connective tissue that surrounds and supports muscles, bones and internal organs. Fascia blasting involves the use of a plastic wand with claw-like attachments that is rolled along the skin to lessen the appearance of cellulite, help improve blood flow, reduce pain, and speed up muscle recovery through myofascial release.

Lightvessel offers the most ideal facia blaster treatment protocol for maximum benefits that are challenging to achieve at home. Your treatment will include the following:

  1. 12 minutes on our Whole Body Vibration Platform to open the lymphatic system and improve circulation
  2. 20 minutes in the Far Infrared Sauna to relax your muscles, eliminate toxins, and warm your tissues
  3. A Lightvessel massage therapist will then apply essential oils and perform the FaciaBlaster treatment


  • Reduces the appearance of cellulite
  • Restores facia
  • Breaks down fat cells
  • Improves muscle performance
  • Reduces scar tissue
  • Reduces pain
  • Improves circulation

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