Energy Evaluation

identifies stress patterns  •  reframes perceptions  •  helps restore balance

Scientific voice mapping is used to uncover subconscious emotional stress and support is given for emotional repatterning to take place.

60 Minutes: $125.00

How it Works

A sophisticated technology called Evox™ is used to identify subconscious emotional stress patterns that may be affecting your life. Based on the Evox analysis, the program delivers frequencies back to you to reduce the stress and re-balance your system. Your session concludes with a 20-minute Life Vessel™ treatment for calming, re-balancing, clearing and integration (see info about the Life Vessel below).

The Evox uses the subtle vibrations in your voice to create visual maps that reveal your perceptions about topics like health, relationships, work, stress, happiness, and more.


The objective of voice remapping is to “unburden” or change patterns that are rigid and stuck. With Evox, you can successfully change destructive patterns or simply improve performance and relationships in your life.

The following benefits have been reported by people who used the Evox System:

  • Overcame fears, anxieties, worries and stress
  • Experiencing better relationships
  • Able to manage emotionally-charged behaviors (such as stress eating)
  • Able to manage stressful situations more effectively
  • Better organized
  • Living healthier
  • Experiencing more peace and more optimism
  • Feeling less burdened
  • Making better choices


This is not for those with pacemakers or open wounds.

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